Channel Post Base Bracket System / Channel Base Plates

RN Fasteners and Fittings Pvt. Ltd.

RN Fasteners and Fittings Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Channel Post Base Plates in India, Ludhiana. A post base plate for channel, also known as a channel post base or channel post support, is a specific type of structural hardware designed to secure vertical posts or columns within a metal channel or strut. These base plates are commonly used in industrial and construction applications where the support posts need to be attached to a metal channel or strut system.

Post base plates for channel are used in various support structures where vertical posts need to be attached to metal channels or struts. Examples include supporting electrical conduit, HVAC ductwork, piping systems, and cable trays.


Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, Stainless Steel
Finish: Plain Finish, Zinc plated, Yellow plated, Hot Dipped Galvanized

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