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RN Fasteners and Fittings Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of DIN 975 / DIN 976 coil rods in India, Ludhiana. High Tensile Coil Rod is a continuous threaded rod, made from high carbon, cold rolled, 1045 steel. The Coil Rod is manufactured in high-tensile strength in 12 ft standard lengths, in 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/4” and 1-1/2” diameters.

Coil rods, also known as coil threaded rods or coil tie rods, are specialized construction fasteners used in concrete forming and temporary structural applications. These rods are typically made of high-strength steel and have continuous, helical threads running along their entire length. Coil rods are specifically designed for concrete formwork, which involves creating molds or frames (forms) to hold wet concrete in place until it cures.

Here are some key features and uses of coil rods:

Continuous Thread: Coil rods have threads that extend uninterrupted along their entire length, allowing for a strong and secure connection. These threads are typically coarse and can accommodate various accessories such as nuts, couplers, and coil tie nuts.

Concrete Formwork:
The primary application of coil rods is in concrete formwork. They are used to connect opposite faces of a concrete form to ensure that the formwork maintains its shape and position while the concrete is poured and hardens. Coil rods help create the necessary tension to hold the formwork together.

Adjustability: Coil rods offer adjustability, which is crucial in formwork applications. Contractors can easily extend or shorten the rods to fit the specific dimensions of the formwork by turning them and using compatible accessories.

Tie Systems:
Coil rods are often used in combination with other formwork hardware, such as coil tie nuts or coil wing nuts, to create a tie system that securely holds the formwork in place. These systems are essential for constructing concrete walls, columns, and other structures.

Materials: Coil rods are typically made from high-strength steel to withstand the forces and loads involved in concrete formwork. They are often coated or galvanized to provide corrosion resistance and ensure durability.

Removability: After the concrete has cured and the formwork is no longer needed, coil rods can be easily removed by unthreading them from the nuts or tie systems. This allows for the reuse of the rods in future projects, making them cost-effective.

Construction and Civil Engineering: Coil rods are commonly used in construction and civil engineering projects where concrete structures need to be formed, poured, and cured. This includes applications like building foundations, retaining walls, bridges, and other concrete structures.

Scaffolding and Shoring: In addition to concrete formwork, coil rods can be used in scaffolding and shoring systems, providing temporary support and stabilization during construction or renovation work.

Coil rods play a critical role in ensuring the stability and integrity of concrete formwork, which is essential for producing high-quality concrete structures. They are a versatile and reusable solution in construction projects where temporary anchoring and alignment are necessary until the concrete has fully set and hardened.

Size Description Length Finish Min. Tensile Strength Min. Yield Strength
1/2" Coil Rod 1/2" - 6 12' Plain 130,000 psi [896 MPA] 110,000 psi [757 MPA]
5/8" Coil Rod 5/8" - 5 12' Plain 113,000 psi [779 MPA] 96,000 psi [662 MPA]
3/4" Coil Rod 3/4" - 4.5 12' Plain 118,000 psi [814 MPA] 100,000 psi [689 MPA]
1" Coil Rod 1" - 3.5 12' Plain 140,000 psi [965 MPA] 120,000 psi [827 MPA]
1-1/4" Coil Rod 1-1/4" - 3.5 12' Plain 123,000 psi [848 MPA] 105,000 psi [724 MPA]
1-1/2" Coil Rod 1-1/2" - 3.5 12' Plain 100,000 psi [689 MPA] 85,000 psi [586 MPA]

Packing for coil rod is as follow:

Size Length PCS/ BNDL
1/2" Coil Rod 12' 25
5/8" Coil Rod 12' 15
3/4" Coil Rod 12' 15
1" Coil Rod 12' 10
1-1/4" Coil Rod 12' 5
1-1/2" Coil Rod 12' 5
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