Eye Bolts / T Bolts

RN Fasteners and Fittings Pvt. Ltd.

RN Fasteners and Fittings Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Eye bolts and T Bolts in India, Ludhiana. Eye bolts are a type of fastener with a loop or "eye" at one end and threads at the other end. The eye allows for the attachment of cables, ropes, hooks, or other hardware, making them suitable for lifting, rigging, and anchoring applications. Eye bolts are versatile fasteners that provide a reliable means of attaching and lifting loads in various industrial, commercial, and recreational applications. Selecting the right type of eye bolt and using it correctly is essential to ensure safety and load-bearing capacity.


Threads: ISO metric (BA threads MM Threads), BSW threads (Inches), UNC & UNF threads
Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, Stainless Steel
Finish: Plain Finish, Zinc plated, Yellow plated, Hot Dipped Galvanized

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